Who is behind the development of eNest Egg?

This simulation is the result of a close partnership formed by two professors of finance, a lifelong professional educator, and a Pioneer Funds Portfolio Manager. eNest Egg is the culmination of decades of investment experience, and classroom experience teaching personal finance. Our staff has been developing educational financial simulations for the last ten years. Our simulations have been tested by, and implemented in, schools, banks, and universities in the Czech Republic and across the United States.

You may have already heard positive profiles about our board game on American Public Media’s Marketplace Money Radio, or Voice of America Radio, or on your local N.P.R. station. We were also very proud when our board game earned the 2012 Best Practices in Financial Literacy Award from the National Financial Educators Council, in the gaming category. The Nest Egg board game has also been listed by the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy in their Clearinghouse of Educational Resources. We are excited to introduce these same organizations to our new online simulation.


Sept 2012 eNestEgg.Org is officially launched, and the online simulation becomes available to universities, community colleges, high schools, financial institutions, and to individuals everywhere.
July 2012 eNest Egg is implemented as a part of finance courses at Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi, and continues to be in use there today
March 2012 Nest Egg is awarded the 2012 “Best Practices in Financial Education Award” by the National Financial Educators Council
Feb. 2012 Development of our online simulation eNest Egg begins
Feb. 2012 The Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy lists Nest Egg in its Clearinghouse of reviewed materials that meet “National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education.”
Sept. 2011 Nest Egg is profiled by American Public Media and Voice of America on radio stations around the world
June 2010 The Financial Literacy Center & US Treasury Department agree for curriculum to be incorporated into Nest Egg
Jan. 2010 Custom solution for Harlem Renaissance High School (NY) successfully engages overage and under-credited students
Dec. 2010 New York City Department of Education approves NYC pilot
Nov. 2010 Nest Egg USA incorporates
Featured provider at Annual JumpStart convention in Washington DC
Texas A&M (Corpus Christi) Business department adopts for personal finance courses
Oct. 2010 Tuckahoe, NY after school program pilot with 5th-6th graders
Aug. 2010 USA pilot launch – Corpus Christi Independent School District introduces Nest Egg as curriculum for all high school economics classes
Boy Scouts of Corpus Christi incorporate Nest Egg into family game nights
May 2010 More than 700 schools in the Czech Republic use the game to teach financial literacy
Sept. 2009 Czech retail distribution launches
Mar. 2009 7,000 units of the game sold to Czech financial institutions
Dec. 2008 Board version of the simulation is launched in the Czech Republic
2008 Game becomes standard introductory personal finance course for new bankers in the largest Czech Bank
2005 KFP incorporation – parent company launched to support the simulation
2003 First financial professionals play day-long “Financial Freedom” simulation in the Czech Republic
1998 Inspiration strikes, development begins